Faces on Walls


Since childhood, I have a habit of seeing faces in patterns. For instance I will look at patches on the wall or patterns in tiles or whorls in wood and try to make out faces in them. Some of these look like real human faces but others look like fantastic characters. I know it sounds crazy but I see quite a few around me.

One day I decided to make some pasta sauce at home. Slicing the tomatoes, I noticed for the first time the faces that are made in tomato slices. Fascinated by them I took a few and placing them on a plate took photographs of them. Can you see the faces???

When I see human faces, I am often reminded of one of my favourite short stories- the E.V.Lucas story, The Face on the Wall. In the story a man sees a face in a damp patch on the wall in his apartment. Such is his obsession with the face that he traces a man who looks like it and finds the link between the face and the real man. The story ends with a twist. Now though I am not as obsessed by the faces as our man in the story, I also find myself weaving stories around the faces I see…who are they? what is the story of their life. It is a most engaging habit when one is bed ridden or trying to fall asleep. For instance the tomato faces made me think that perhaps they are characters from the Enid Blyton classic, the Faraway Tree… 🙂

I have often wondered if I am the only one who sees faces…I wonder, am I alone??