Mumbai Meri Jaan

By Kann Mashi

June 16, 2010

Category: Mumbai


Victoria Terminus, Mumbai


Mumbai as a city is many things to many people. A bustling metropolis teeming with opportunities. A cruel city the embraces then consumes you. A dream land full of super stars. A slum, a high-rise, a market. The abode of people of ‘spirit’ who let nothing, not even bombs or terrorists’ faze them.

Mumbai to me is a place I spent 7 years of my life. A place where I studied and made some brilliant friends. Mumbai is the place where I found my calling and lost 3 phones.

Mumbai is my inspiration and my frustration. Mumbai draws me like a magnet, yet repulses me. Mumbai – city of paradox, your greatest monument in a puddle of rain water in so many ways depicts your myriad contradictions.


3 Responses to “Mumbai Meri Jaan”

  1. aru mubai is also a place where we met and are friends for ever………..

  2. Fantastic shot!

  3. Cheers to Mumbai for making our lives collide and how! The city sure has a lot of puddles and each one tells a story of its own… lovely shot.

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