A leg to sleep on

By Kann Mashi

June 17, 2010

Category: Mumbai



Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

On a busy street, in South Mumbai, life was happening. People were bustling about shopping and eating and being happy. The vendors were busy haggling over the prices of shoes and fruit and cheap trinkets. Colaba Causeway is a mangical place to be. And as you walk along the famed footpath sometimes you see things that cause you to stop and ponder.

Sleeping on a Jaipuri leg was this beggar. He slept there with not a care in the world, his prosthetic laughingly daring us to recognise the poingancy of it all.  Its funny and its sad. Its clever yet mad. On that street of furious activity, he made you stop and ponder. A silent oasis in a beehive of activity. Thats Mumbai for you.


5 Responses to “A leg to sleep on”

  1. This one’s a true support. How poignant!

  2. i saw a similar sight in agra railway station…… and mahira my daughter then 5yrs was so shocked to see the sight she couldn’t imagine how the leg could come out and be used like a pillow………and when o explained to her she had tears in her eyes………

  3. this one is so well written aru.soooooooooo true and an amazing photograph.

  4. Aah! the irony of it.

  5. Awesome pics madam…really .The description of each and every photo is superb.

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