It was early morning as I stepped out of my house to take in the newspaper. All around there was this glorious golden light. The world was welcoming a new day.  There was beauty all around. As if mesmerised I stepped out and began to walk the hills. The world was coming awake gently. Early birds sang in triumph while the crickets continued their party. In all this cacophony there was a serene silence that cleansed my soul and made my heart rejoice.

It had rained at dawn. Raindrops like so many precious diamonds preened on leaf and flower. Secure in their beauty and my admiration. The smell of wet earth, new and dying leaves filled my nostrils. Each deep breath was like my first. I walked on in silence. And there nestled among some shrubs like a surprise gift sat this brilliant leaf. I captured it, a memory of a magical walk at dawn.


3 Responses to “Raindrops”

  1. this is sooooo good… almost feel like touching those drops n that leaf… FRESH!!! takes me back to my NORTH EAST!

    keep them coming…

    loving it…

    the photos n the stories…


  2. wow aru great peice of work…………

  3. reminds me of the song’ raindrops on roses’

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