Pictures in the sky

By the sea side sat my mama and I

Looking up at the sky high high

So many clouds as they float by

Making their way across the sky

Mama says oh! There, a camel goes

With a big ball under his nose

And I said; look at that choo-choo train

With its head like an aeroplane

Then we saw a big grey house

Floating by light like candy floss

Then came the giant man with the long long head

And the squiggy monster lying on the bed

There were space ships zooming by

Leaving streaks in the red and grey sky

Hippopotamus on orange balloons

Cream puffs marching by in platoons

Birds flying home to their little ones

There were even clouds that looked like buns

As the sun went down to sleep

Saying goodnight with a final peep

I though what a wonderful day had I

Watching pictures in the sky


2 Responses to “Pictures in the sky”

  1. Didn’t know you could write poems. But then why should I be surprised with someone as creative as you? 🙂

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