I love collecting pebbles

I really really do

They come in so many shapes

So many colours too

We live close to the ocean

And when we do go down

I sit down on the ground

and start looking around

The sea shore is full of pebbles

many many kinds

some of them I like

some I do not mind

I love the ones that are soft

Funny shaped ones too

Some of  them look old

and some are shiny and new

I love the many colours

Light red and green and blue

Orange, pink and yellow

Each and every hue

One day as I was thinking

A thought to me came

People are as pebbles

As many as they’re same


3 Responses to “Pebbles”

  1. What a beautiful arrangement of pebbles. I like 🙂

  2. beautiful poem aru—im your ardant fan

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