Pausing along a throughfare I happened to take a moment to stand by the edge and gaze at the sea below. And just there, over the slope hidden like a jewel was this sight. At first glance it looked like a lake full of lotus buds, till you realise that what you were looking at is a concrete wall with this beautiful creeper spread all over it. It took my breath away…I stood and stared drinking in the glory of this plant that choose this hard and ugly wall to make its own. To claim it and turn it into the breath taking spectacle. And how effortlessly it happened…how quietly it crept up to declare its mastery over this hulking wall…I was looking for a lesson in it…but stopped short…

Sometime beauty is a lesson in itself…its memory the only thing one needs to take away…


3 Responses to “Surprises”

  1. More breathtaking than the obvious beauty of the creeper is your thought & the lines! Subtle & mysterious

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