Strange Bedfellows

By Kann Mashi

June 29, 2011

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Category: Mumbai


Waiting for a bus in Mumbai one is often assailed by the funniest sights. But this is  one that always brings back a smile. The sun was out after a spate of rain and the bus was late as usual. Standing around waiting I noticed a man fast asleep next to a cow. They lay there together in perfect peace and harmony. The man was fast asleep and the cow watched over him, chewing cud and completely at ease. He was obviously a drunk who had decided to make the bus stop his resting place for the night and the cow was off duty from the nearest temple where people paid to feed her grass to get blessings from the gau-mata . Together this odd couple seemed deeply content in each others company. A reflection of the great city of Mumbai where the pace of life and paucity of space creates these eccentric melds where caste, class, gender, religion and in this case species plays no part.  


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