Tree Hugging

An early morning walk through a forested path revealed a treasury of giant trees. Imposing and awe inspiring, looking up at them is a lesson in humility. The insignificance of our over hyped lives gets underlined by the timelessness of these ancient trees. They stand there for hundreds of years watching hundreds like me walk past. caught up in our petty muddles, our small span of life. And they stand on. Undisturbed. Through rain and sun; through war and peace, day and night.

As I looked up at these trees an urge seized me to touch them, to feel their life energy. Touching their rough bark I felt a joy unlike any I felt. I moved my arms around the trunk and hugged. Hugged the tree with all my might. It felt like hugging a giant mother. It felt like her nurturing energy was coursing down the trunk through me. Connecting me to her and her age old wisdom. I held on eyes closed. Unaware of the strange looks being bestowed upon me by passersby. After a while I opened my eyes and felt rested and at peace. I felt calm and yet moved to tears by the profound gift this tree had wordlessly given me. It was a gift.

That was my first experience at hugging a tree. Since then whenever I meet one of these manifestations of mother nature, I hold on tight and feel her love again. Its profound and free. Highly recommended.


4 Responses to “Tree Hugging”

  1. Your post includes great tips and you managed to keep it simple and understandable.Your post have the information that is helpful and very informative. I would like you to keep up the good work.You know how to make your post understandable for most of the people.Thumbs up and Thanks.

  2. Thank you so much for your feedback. I am glad you enjoyed reading it and found it useful.

  3. I felt like hugging the tree too 🙂 Lovely post..Lovely blog! shall be here again.

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