Photo gazing

Whenever I see a really old photograph, I am fascinated by the people in it. The way they looked, the clothes they wore and often the look on their faces. Its like looking at the beginning of a story whose end I already know. I wonder if they knew, had any inkling of how their life was going to turn out. Did they know that they would end up hating the husband/wife they are looking so adoringly at. Did they have any idea that the brother who was standing beside them with so much mirth written on his face  would end up not speaking to them for half his life. Or did they know that they would have so many children, see so much happiness, grief, miracles, heart break and pain. I’m sure they didn’t.

Its am amazing reflection of how little we know about the path our life will take and yet how hard we try to control that journey…how much of it is pre-determined, how much self made I cannot tell…but I wonder if the people who inhabit these old photographs would have lived life differently had they known the story’s end…


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