Taking Criticism

‘Look…’, he said, ‘you need to loose weight You’ve really been piling it on You need to cook better food healthy and slimming You should clean the house better See this layer of dust, behind the books, You should really control your expenditure, books, bags, shoes…how many do you need???? You should try and reign in your child, after all its your responsibility as her mother You should learn to speak softly, it is not appropriate You really need to curb your anger, after all what have you to complain Can you also stop dancing on the road, its such an embarrassment Must you have so many friends, what about neglecting your husband and children Why do you need so many plants, what joy do you find in them? And your animals…really you should do something about them…There is too much salt in the..Oh! sorry, are you getting angry??? but why??? do I not have a right to tell you as your husband You really should learn to walk properly, I mean walking well will prevent all ills from hurting ankles to a reeling head Can you try and be nice to my friends…after all its your duty And hey….don’t forget to do the bed well, our sleep depends on it Please don’t eat with your hand, its disgusting and uncouth And one more thing…you need to be open to criticism, after all we all have our faults.


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