City Bound

Ever since I’ve moved base to Mumbai, I have been aware of a sense of disquite that has settled over me. I was at a loss to understand why…after all Mumbai is my favourite city and I have always thrived on its energy and vibrance…then why when I have come back after almost 3 years am I not thrilled to be here…

I thought about it a lot till one weekend we drove down to South Mumbai to spend some times with friends…it was then that I took this photograph….driving down through the pouring rain over the Bandra Worli Sea link…and there in an image was my feeling of dread and foreboding at being back in Mumbai…and the reason for it was clear…The vibe of the city has changed…it was always crowded but now the roads see to overflow with bumper to bumper traffic…there is anger and frustration in the air…road rage is becoming more and more common…the battered and brusied legendary Spirit of Mumbai was showing its fatigue…the stress levels of the city are as tangible as the dust and smoke and noise…its feels like a city that’s reached breaking point…I wonder if anyone else feels it…


4 Responses to “City Bound”

  1. I feel it all the time. And when it threatens to overwhelm, I always fall back on the excuse that the famous “Spirit of Mumbai” will see us through. But then I feel that I am lying to myself.

    • I know exactly what you mean…I get a sense that we are being pushed to a point beyond which even our proverbial “Spirit’ will not be able to help….

  2. And oh ! I forgot to add in my previous comment. The photograph is superb, simply superb.

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