Free My Hair

I don’t want to tie my hair

Not in a Plait, a ponytail

Or a bun.

I don’t want to be told

That my plaited hair

Conveys my chastity,

My goodness of character,

My whiteness of soul.

My hair is not a


To my standing amongst

Hindu womanhood.

My hair wants

To be free

Of the sticky constraints

of oil and comb,

That dictate far more

in my life than they

naturally should.

My hair,

It wants to feel the wind in every strand

It wants to look different everyday

Based on mood, inclination and humidity.

My hair wants to cascade like a waterfall,

and flow like a river,

It wants to fly like a kite

and float like a butterfly.

I don’t want to tie my hair.

Like Kaali my hair wants to be wild,

It wants to blaze in anger

And undulate in its sensuality.

My hair doesn’t want to be tied.

She wants to be free.


11 Responses to “Free My Hair”

  1. simple yet Interesting

  2. I really enjoyed this piece. It inspired me to create a new Pinterest board:

  3. Kaali is back? 🙂 Beautiful poem, Aru, and one that echoes my sentiments.

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