I Stood Up

This post is part of the The I Stood Up Blogathon on the Women’s Web

Probing hands
in the dark of night
crept like nightmares
in places
where they shouldn’t
silent night
a girl trying
to sleep
a scream
of retching fear
again and again
every night
finger and mouth
nightmares and screams

I stood up!
said NO!
Not any more
No more fingers or mouth
No more nightmare
No more tears
You have a daughter
You take care
A monster like you
may torture her too.

Anger and rage
like two raging bulls
charging at her
cowering down
taking wave upon wave
again and again
It will be better
he will change

I stood up
said STOP!
No more
No more shouting
and punching
and yelling
I live with you
your equal half
treat me with respect
or I will be gone.

Treat me with respect
its what I deserve
Its what I demand
Its what I expect
I am no victim
no weak wraith
I am a woman
Look at me.


8 Responses to “I Stood Up”

  1. A very poignant, heart-wrenching poem, Aru. i loved it.

  2. Every word a silent rebuke to the society that forces women to stand up for her basic dignity.

  3. well written.. pain well expressed.. 🙂

  4. I am glad. The hardest thing in life is to say “no”.

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