Chicken Berry Pulao

I have been reading my past few posts and find them rather bluesy…what with all the angst and anguish I poured out…but what can I say…its been that kinda month…the number of cases of blatant public abuse and harassment of women, just gets to me…its so deeply disturbing that I am not sure how to cope with the feelings that well up within me. Being the mother of a young daughter who will some day have to step out into this very same world, I almost shrivel with fear at the very thought…

Anyway…before I make this post too about my womanly angst, I have decided to write about one of my favourite treats…Chicken Berry Pulao from Brittania. This is not a review of a 90 year old Parsi/Iranian food restaurant. Its an ode to a plate of pure heaven. Fragrant rice, caramelized onions, fried tart Bur Berries imported all the way from Iran, succulent pieces of meat, a rich tomato, onion gravy and soft balls of  meat kababs…SIGH….did I say it was heaven on a plate…well it is…and its a beautiful marriage of flavours that takes eating to a higher more spiritual realm…

I was introduced to the berry Pulao by my good friend and fellow blogger Sudhagee of the My Favourite Things blog. She said its something I should not miss and I’m eternally grateful to her for having taken me there…I have in turn made it a point to take all my friends visiting Mumbai to share a piece of heaven with them…have you been there???


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