Sometimes the most amazing stories are not those you read in newspapers and books…they can be around you, passing you by in your day to day existence waiting to be understood…their lessons learnt…in this case the best story of my life sleeps under my bed…

My beautiful beautiful baby Zara, came to me 2 years ago after being rescued from a brutal owner who kept her in a rusted cage…severely malnourished, full of sores and fleas…the doctor told us that there was a very small chance of her surviving this ordeal…but survive she did…slow and steady till one fine day she metamorphosis into a beautiful, glossy spaniel who people stop and admire when we go for our daily walks…but that’s not the story….the story is that of this little dogs beautiful spirit that abounds with so much love and pure bonhomie that she brightens our day right from the early morning pawing that wakes us up.  Through the day she prances and plays, taking her light into every room of our home and rubbing it off on each and every one of us. A spoilt brat, she knows how to get her way by directing those limpid eyes at us…

This photograph was taken when she was sulking under the bed for not getting her way with me…of course she ultimately did…but that’s another matter… 🙂



12 Responses to “Zara”

  1. what a beautiful pic and lovely description of the joy and warmth our furry companions give us everyday…..lovely… could not have described bianca castafiore any better…..:)

  2. I had tears in my eyes when I read this.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful picture of Zara. I love what u have written.

  4. well written aru

  5. The love you have given her shines in her eyes..there’s a certainty in her eyes…that no matter how much she sulks she will always be loved… That is the most precious thing you could have given her. She trusts you. And that’s the highest compliment there can be between any two beings.

    • Oh! Thank you so much…that’s a wonderful thing to say…but frankly nothing I can give her ever equals what she gives me…I have the honour of sharing my life with quite a few animals…and I find that it is I who have more to be thankful for than them… 🙂

  6. Wonderful picture — makes me want to pet her

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