What Drives Me

The most amazing amazing thing about being a photographer…and that too one who is interested in taking pictures of people and families,  as I am, is that magical moment when you manage to capture and frame a relationship. The love, the care, the adoration, the joy, the affection, the protectiveness and so many other emotions and dynamics that weave together to make up a relationship that uniquely belongs only to the people in the frame.

Its a privilege and a thrill. That people are comfortable enough with you to let you see who they truly are…for me this is the kick. This one photograph…It may not be the most technically sound or the best picture I may have taken. But this photograph with all its imperfections is dear to me…a mother and her daughter. I love it!!! 


2 Responses to “What Drives Me”

  1. It’s completely amazing and you are so very talented

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